Happy New Year, Passionistas!

All photos by Wilson Josue Diaz

All photos by Wilson Josue Diaz

Who is excited to ring into the new year? I hope 2016 was great to you, but it's that time we should think of our new years resolutions. For me, this year was extremely hard on countless personal reasons. In work life things are looking better than ever, and I'm expecting big things in 2017! It's been an overwhelming year full of mixed emotions. If anything this year has made me stronger than ever! I love looking back at the past year and see how far I've come, both in personal life and in my dream business (if you are reading this, you are a part of making it come true, and I could not Thank You enough for that). 

With knowing what 2016 meant to you and what it has taught you, what are your resolutions? Do you have any? If so, share with me in the comments below or shoot me a message. I would love to hear them all! As for me in the new year: I choose to be happy every day, even when there is pain and sorrow. I choose to be more thankful and understanding. I choose to be more brave and shoot for the stars. I choose to believe in myself more. I choose to see beauty in everything. I choose to spread love and my generosity. I choose to cherish every single fleeting moment....and run more marathons (duhh).

This outfit is little bit different than you would expect for NYE, well what can I say. I am not planning on going to a party where I would pull all my stops. I thought of those who are staying low and being a homebody, or are just going to a casual get together with friends. Then this comfy, yet so festive outfit is for YOU! Quite frankly, I will be rocking this outfit well into the year!

You will definitely stand out in this Two-Tone Sequin bomber jacket.  Even if you are wearing a dress to a party, get this jacket to add a little oomph to a simple black or lacy dress, yes it's ok to mix textures! I paired this two tone Sequin bomber with my ultimate favorite pants of all time, Disco Pants! If you never owned a pair, do yourself (or your behind) a favor and get them! They seriously give your tush the nicest shape and just enough contour to any body shape. The fabric is stretchy and shiny. Disco pants are high waisted and give that desired 80's look for your future Halloween parties, perfect with crop tops in the summer for the festivals and amazing with sweaters and jackets in the winter.  Disco pants will replace your leggings and you will wear them all year round. I know I have, for many years now. They will last you a long time (even after many, many, countless washes). And they come in many colors. Have I said enough how amazing Disco pants are? Now you should go get them!

My Wanted Hayes sequin sneakers are the true definition of comfort and chic! I cannot wait to wear them day in and day out. They add that instant spark to any dull outfit. I've already gotten so many compliments while wearing them. If you want to spruce up your shoe collection, invest in a pair of bling bling sneakers and wear them with casual or dressy outfits.  Possibilities are endless. Hayes sneaker also come in 3 other desirable color combos. Check them out!

With that said, I just want to thank you all again for being the best freaking audience anyone could ever have. None of my dreams would be possible without your support. 

I wish you my dear Passionists, that in 2017 you will be the best, baddest, babe bosses (dudes?) and you will prosper in anything that you set your minds to. And love, lots of love...without it we perish. Cheers to bigger and better things!

With so much love,

Style YourPassion

Thank you to Wanted Shoes for these sparkly sneakers! I absolutely love them! 

Outfit Details:

 Jacket: Tow-Tone Sequin Bomber

Pants: Disco Pants

Shoes: Wanted Hayes Sneakers