Photo by SangArts 

Photo by SangArts 

Welcome to Style Your Passion. 

Since my early years I was fascinated by current trends and the fashion icons who paved the way for future women fashionistas. While growing up, I remember wearing converse chucks to school. For many of you that might seem normal, but I wore one red and the other one green. It would definitely turn heads. Maybe now my choices in fashion are a little bit more thought through (not), I still believe in wearing clothes that define and express your true personality. After all, it's not what/who you wear but how you wear it. I believe that every woman has freedom of expression through fashion. Finding that voice and inner confidence may sometimes be harder for some than others. It is my hope to inspire and influence your choices of wardrobe, because life is too short to wear boring clothes. Style is who you be bold, confident, unique, adventurous, fierce, sweet, sexy, smart.... BE YOU!

I am a self-made long distance runner who has been training since June of 2014.  A five-time half marathoner and a three-time marathoner, with a lot more races coming up (including Chicago Marathon in October 2018). Running has given me a new meaning in life. It showed me that with hard work, dedication and much sacrifice, I can be whoever I always aspired to be. Someone who doesn't take no for an answer, someone who fights for what feels right in my heart, and someone who might just slightly change the way you see yourself and inspires you to step out of the box, and conquer the world. I believe in you! Remember to do all things with passion!

Running and fashion are both a huge part of my everyday life, and I would be delighted if you would join me on my journey through both passions.

With God, all things are possible.


Marlena Begier 

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