Happy Birthday Style Your Passion!

Photos by Wilson Josue Diaz

Photos by Wilson Josue Diaz

Today is a really great day, Passionistas! Exactly a year ago I launched Style Your Passion blog. I want to give thanks to those who believed in me, from even before SYP was introduced to the world wide web. I want to thank those who jumped on this journey with me and continue to support my blog and social media sites, with all the likes, comments, messages and reposts of my photos. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Without all of you I wouldn't be able to achieve and go as far as I did in just a year. Cheers to you all, Passionistas! 

Before I started SYP, I was approached by many people asking me where I get my clothes, shoes, and accessories from and if I had a blog. I was even being stopped by strangers on the street asking for a link to my blog. I replied "what blog?" Haha, and then an idea was born. My best friend and my sister instilled in me, the power of my style and how it influences other people to simply take care of themselves and look good, or at least take those extra 10 minutes a day and actually think of an amazing outfit to wear. With that said, I created this baby and my friends started to take photos for me. A year later, I'm working with some of the best photographers I know. Wow, a lot can change in a year.

Some of you may know that I am an actress/print model at Lily's Talent Agency. Being in front of a camera comes naturally to me. I've been to many auditions and have worked on many sets, and I know that I am constantly being judged. That doesn't bother me. In order to follow your dreams you should always listen to your gut and believe in yourself and your abilities. I'm sure Style Your Passion is being judged but I know who I am as a woman, as an individual. I know what fuels my passion and, most importantly, nothing or no one will stop me from following my dreams. I'm just a small fish in a big ocean of sharks trying to leave something behind, a voice of freedom, a voice of courage, or a voice of inspiration. I want you to always think bigger, think higher and follow your dreams. A good thing about this ocean is that there is enough room for all of us to swim in it, not drown in it but swim to the top!

A lot has changed in a year and I couldn't be more thankful for the grace of God. He has put this dream in my heart and God will continue to direct me in the right paths of my life. I am so excited for the future! Thank you for tagging along with me on this amazing ride of my roller coaster life. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

ps. Today I ran 20 miles as a part of my Marathon Training and I found 10 dollars on the running path by Navy Pier. I think it's for good luck :) 

Outfit Details: One shoulder Ruffle Dress is from Forever 21. The material is thick and looks more expensive than you might think. It's $44.90. They are low on stock, so order yours quick!

Lace up Stilettos are from Shoe Republic LA. I got mine at Akira but their website doesn't carry them anymore. Good news is I found them somewhere else, you're welcome! They come in black, red and mustard color and go for $35.20!!! These stilettos are one of the most comfortable high heels I've owned in awhile. Happy Labor Day shopping!

To many more years of Style Your Passion. Cheers!

Love always,

Style Your Passion