Stripes in the City

Photos by Wilson Josue Diaz

Photos by Wilson Josue Diaz

Hi Passionistas! I've been a little bit MIA due to my trip overseas. I traveled to Poland to visit family, dance at my cousin's wedding and sight see Jaslo, Krakow, Warsaw, Bialystok, and a little bit of the beautiful country side too. Those of you who follow me on social media sites, like Instagram and Snapchat, got to see all my adventures. If you don't follow me, then oh you have missed out on a LOT. It took me about a week to get over jet lag, every day around 5-6pm central time I needed to take a nap or just go to bed. My days were not as productive as I wanted them to be, but now I'm back in full swing and have so many outfits to share with you Fashion Loves. Hope you are ready!

As good as it was to go back 'home', the country I was born in, it was just as good to come back to the country I've called my home for the past 18 years. And even better, to blogging.

One of my ultimate favorite things to do is to take long walks in the city, especially during summer.  I enjoyed one of those evening walks with my boyfriend, who happens to be my photographer. Ohhh the cliche ;) He happens to love exploring and taking long walks as much as I do. Aren't we the perfect fit? ( insert a blushing face here). All I have to add is that we make a really great team (ps. it's all evident in the photos you see).

The dress in this post is pretty flirtatious. Revealing little bit of skin but maintaining the classy, girl next door look. I found the open shoulder dress at H&M, it is a little too short for my personal taste, so I paired it up with shiny classic high waisted leggings from American Apparel. I'm sure many of you can wear the dress by itself and look fabulous in it. But if I don't feel good in something, I will not wear it, even if it's the latest trend that I NEED to have. No, I do not need to have it or wear anything that I personally don't feel good in. Neither should YOU! Wear what makes you feel beautiful and special. Remember, when you go out the door every morning, the only thing on your mind should be "Dang, I look hot in this outfit" not "Dang, I wonder if this dress will ride up while walking." Wear things that make you feel comfortable and sexy and are the best expression of how you feel that particular day. You get my point, Passionistas ;)

I have been wearing my platform sandals from Soludos practically all summer long. I love how stylish and comfortable they are. I've discovered the brand about two years ago and continue to purchase their quality shoes, they last a long time and I get complements on them all the time. Oh and did I mention they are super comfy? :D The hardest part about shopping on their website is that it's really hard to choose from their collection. It really is, they are that amazing! I wish I owned them all, but due to real life problems and not enough closet space, that dream will just have to wait a bit. I've also seen some of their selection at Nordstrom, for those of you who are not fond of shopping online. 

That fringe bag though! It's from Francesca's Collections, it has been a recent find, I did not see it on their website. Anyway, you won't leave empty handed if you need a new quality, on trend purse for a really reasonable price. Fringed purses are a very easy way to spruce up any outfit without the obvious, I've tried too hard to look good. Earrings are from Park Lane Jewelry, they add just enough sparkle to bring any outfit to another level, shop them here. 

I know this has been a long post but I didn't want to leave it without some words of encouragement for the rest of the week. It's a passage from the bible: "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take HEART! I have overcome the world." John 16:33. We all struggle with everyday troubles and disappointments, but this passage reminds us to take heart! God gives us courage and comfort through the fact that he overcame this world and he will never leave us or forsake us. With that in mind, what's stopping you from doing everything you've always dreamed of? 

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoy your Labor Day weekend, Passionistas.


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