Cold Shoulder


I am beyond thankful to be able to have this blog and share my passion with you all. I'm here to inspire you to discover and follow your truest hearts desires. To find and chase those passions. To live fully even when everything hurts, even if you are self doubting yourself, your future, where everything feels lost...know that nothing feels more fulfilling, than knowing your calling and working on accomplishing your goals daily. It is not easy to get to that point. I have come a long way of self discovery to be where I am today,  and one thing I know is I will never take anything for granted. There is still so much more to learn, lots of sleepless nights and endless days of work, but if it's the work that gives you full purpose and joy, it will never feel like work. Your life happiness starts with you, choose to be positive everyday, choose to love everyday, choose to lift others up as you climb your own ladder. Know that there are countless blessings for those who persevear under trials. Know you are able and know that God loves you.  Live with purpose. 

Before I get into my outfit, I want to address the title of this blog. Some of my blog posts have been and always will be linked to songs as I see fit. This blog's title was inspired by Adele's song 'Cold Shoulder' from her '21' album. I wasn't ready to listen to her latest album which she released back in November '15, until now. Yes, I have hold off from listening to it for 7 months since its release.  I am weird that way, sorry not sorry. If you have to refresh your memory with 'Cold Shoulder' go ahead and indulge your ears. 

With that said, I hope this week will start off on a positive note :) I also wanted to share my favorite 'Cold Shoulder' top with you, Passionistas. I found it at Forever21 and paired it up with black skinny distressed jeans from ASOS. This top is perfect to wear with jeans, paired up with sneakers or heels for your going out nights. I also can't wait to style it with shorts this summer. Off the shoulder is so in this season, and I highly encourage you jump on the wagon and get yourself a top or two like these. I love them so much, because not only they go well with jeans, shorts and skirts, they give you that effortless romantic look.

For this look I chose classic Adidas Superstar sneakers and finished off with a small cross body purse. Put some sunnies on, few bracelets, layer few necklaces and you are ready to go. Conquer the world, Passionistas! 


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