Retro vibes


I absolutely love mix and matching different styles. For this look I went for a 70's inspired white blouse with bell bottom sleeves from Zara. It's such a great flowy top, with an open back. I paired it up with 80's high waisted acid wash jeans. I got these from Urban Oufitters few years ago, but never worn them until I took the scissors and some sand paper and made those rips on my knees. I always felt there was something missing in these, and then I realized my knees needed to breathe a little ;) Shop similar jeans here.

One of my favorite comebacks of the season are the chunky heels. Who doesn't love heels that make you taller without having to suffer? I've worn these for 6 hours straight and mostly standing and walking. My life has been completely changed and transformed, as far as my feet are concerned. These beauties are by Steve Madden from DSW. I want to get them in all available colors!

Adding jewelry was the key, because you never want to overdo it, yet you still want jewelry pieces to complement your look. With this outfit I went for a bold, geometrically intricate Ritz necklace and matching Ritz drop earrings. The jewelry stands out in it’s own without competing with the look. I added few bangle bracelets to compete the outfit. All of my beautiful bling is from Park Lane Jewelry

I'm pleased to announce that I've taken over Park Lane's Blog and I'm the featured blogger, click the here to check it out!

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Photos by Jennifer Lee Knuth