Birds of Prey


What a crazy roller coster of a weather patten we've been having here in Chicago this spring. Phew! I know, I know, us Chicagoans always complain about the weather and you may ask: Why don't we just move? Well, to be honest, if you haven't experienced a windy city summer, then you haven't really lived! We all brave the weather elements for summer, it is all worth it. I am so proud of this city, all the landmarks, architecture, museums, the restaurants, music scene, the lake front path and the PEOPLE, especially people here are just amazing. Well with that said, I've really been mostly buried under my coats. I know we are eager to jump into our festival clothes, bathing suits and ditch those coats but the reality's just not that time yet (in the midwest at least).

In this outfit post, I'm sharing my idea of spring. I've titled it Birds of Prey, just because there are birds printed on my shirt, there is no hidden meaning behind it. Also, just maybe, because one of my favorite songs by Christina Aguilera is titled Birds of Prey, and I've always wanted to use that title. 

This silky blouse I got at Banana Republic, on major sale! (Thank God for sales) I was so thrilled about that, big prints and bold colors on a shirt are kind of my thing. I've linked a similar type of silky shirt, if you are going for this look. Grey ankle skinny jeans are always a great pair you need to keep in your closet, also by Banana Republic. Bag was a steal $26 bucks, and I love that it practically goes with anything, comes in other colors too. This grey lapel coat has been receiving many compliments, it was also very well priced ($43.99). I love that assymetrical cut and leather detail on my sleeves. Colored pumps are a must have, they will spruce up any outfit and will give you that fresh hint of spring look, we are all dreaming of. Mine are by Vince Camuto (last year), but I've linked similar here. Pick any color, and wear them well into the summer.

Happy Spring shopping and remember don't jump the gun yet....we will have plenty of time to show off our legs and beach bodies, we've been slaving for this past winter, or have we? LOL

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. Remember to Style YOUR Passion and chase those dreams, you can and you will.