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Mural in remembrance of Matthew Shephard, Palm Springs

Mural in remembrance of Matthew Shephard, Palm Springs

Don't you just love the feeling of booking a trip and counting the days when you get to go away, especially in the middle of winter months? Yeah, so that just happened. It was a mini getaway with my sister for my best friends bachelorette weekend. We hit the earliest flight we could, 6am which meant 2 am wake up call. Oh, what don't we do for fun! Nothing that a cup of coffee, or two couldn't fix , and maybe a visit to In-n-Out. Busted! Straight after filling our tummys with deliciousness, we drove up to Malibu where we found Paradise Cove Beach, a hidden paradise with a rocky beach, a falling apart pier, and a 40 dollar parking fee. We live once, right? Fun fact about this place: the album cover for The Beach Boys 'Surfin' Safari" was shot here! After that, we drove up north to Point Dume Natural Preserve, where we hiked and saw incredible views of the great Pacific Coast. What can I say, every time I visit SoCal i'm just so in love!

Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove

Point Dume National Preserve

Point Dume National Preserve

By the way, we got lost. Siri took us somewhere up to the mountain range where the roads where narrow, one lane each way, with too many confident drivers. I literally thought we were going to drive off the cliff, either from loosing control (I fought my hardest to keep my eyes open while driving) or someone would just knock us off the road. Geez, Californians, slow down up there for us Midwesterns, where the roads are flat and in a grid! Needless to say after a scary 4 miles, we were able to turn around and on our way back, we got 'stuck' behind a mid-size truck who was super slow and all the pissed off drivers behind me had a tantrum! I was like: Look, fellow drivers, no passing lane so there's nothing we can do but drive below the speed limit. (insert an evil laugh here). I was happy about that, life saver, like literally. 

The rest of the trip we were in Palm Springs, where we rented a mid century modern house which we shared with few amazing women. We celebrated future Mrs. Rush with mimosas, girl talk, hot tub, pool lounging, dance moves, mexican food, grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto (don't u forget the pesto), polaroid cameras, la croix, the neighbors (and their pups), and lots and lots of love! ps. Hope you had the best time, Liz!

That's my little recap of one of the best mini getaways I've had in a long while. The outfit featured in this post and details are listed below. It was definitely really strange to wear bikinis, short skirts and tank tops in the middle of winter. I kept this outfit in neutral colors since we were in the dessert. I can't wait to go back to wearing a lot less layers again. Spring, hurry up!

Happy Spring and Happy Travels! The world is yours to explore, so what are you waiting for?


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