Pencil me in

All photos in this post by Jennifer Lee Knuth

All photos in this post by Jennifer Lee Knuth

Pencil me in... for a business meeting that is! No better way to start your work day, than in something classy, like a pencil skirt. I completely fell in love with this Zara skirt and crop top, it's perfect for any boss babes out there who are ready to take over the world. I'm mostly excited about this outfit, because it's super versitile. I can wear it with this matching short sleeve crop top turtleneck or with any other top, sweater or blouse. I would keep them in a solid colors though. When it comes to this top: wear it with any dress pants, jeans or even shorts! These pieces will be used in many other ways and I just love to re-invent oufits! Although I just bought these, I couldn't find a link on Zara website,  so I thought I'd link some similar skirts and tops for you to shop if you want to achieve this look.

For my accessories I thought of adding a touch of color and I picked my favorite. Green can be found in my purse, sunglasses, nail polish color and hey, even my starbucks cup matched! Totally not planned, we really needed caffeine and something to keep us awake and warm. Shooting in winter is quite an adventure, but we had so much fun! And by we I mean my amazing friend who is gifted with many talents, which include singing and photography: Jennifer Lee Knuth. So glad we got to shoot together again girl! 

As I mentioned, I love to re-invent outfits and give them a new, fresh look. As a continuation to this, I will be posting another blog soon, so stay tuned and come back for more style inspo!

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