All you need is LOVE & ___?


All you need is LOVE & ___ ? For me it would be coffee…and maybe donuts too ;) How would you fill in the blank?

As temperatures slowly decline, it feels like fall is just around the corner. Leather weather! Fall season  - fall fashion - and fall running is my favorite. My birthday also is in the fall, so I maybe a little bit biased as for the other seasons.

On today's post, I'm wearing head to toe leather. It is so important to invest in a great leather jacket, it will last you for a really long time. This moto leather jacket, I got online from Victoria's Secret few years ago, it is in amazing shape and I wear it all the time. It goes practically with anything and it's buttery smooth. Leather skirt is from Scotch & Soda, my favorite Amsterdam boutique (located in Bucktown, Chicago). White T-shirt with & sign is from Old Navy, it's always my to go to for classic affordable T-shirts. I added a touch of color with this deep green over the shoulder bag from Grand-Lion. And finished off the look with lace up pumps from Zara. These beauties are this season's favorite, they have a crochet design which makes them even more appealing to the eye. Plus yes, they are super comfy! 

Hope you all have a wonderful and exciting weekend filled with lots of LOVE &____?
I'm off to paradise...


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