I love all animals but cats, cats have a special place in my heart. Growing up I was known to be "a cat mama". I took care of every stray cat in my neighborhood, even though I already had a ginger Persian cat at home, which we named Eric. I admire how cats are pefectly fine being on their own, they don't care what others think of them. They take what they want and leave whenever they want to. Can I be a cat, please? But in all seriousness, they are mysterious, majestic and loyal companions for a lifetime. Hence why, I can't pass up any article of clothing featuring cats. 

This H&M top was love at first sight. Not only it has kitties printed all over, but it has that split in the back and a boxy shape which I find very interesting. Top is edgy, contemporary and paired up with high waisted distressed jeans (Gap) is my new favorite outfit for fall. Here, I'm wearing my to go to booties from Jeffrey Campbell and a fun/funky cross over bag I got in Minneapolis, on one very cold winter day (brrrrr).  As I remember correctly, store was called Patina, so check it out if you live in Twin Cities! An outfit wouldn't be complete without a floppy hat, and this one is in a beautiful deep green color found at Old Navy. Funny story, while trying it on one lady saw me wearing it, and she immediately asked me where I found it. Then I saw her grabbing it! You really get a great hat for your buck! 

Well it's finally friday, and I'm still in my carb load mode, no complaints here! Definitely having some pre-race jitters and I'm looking forward to hitting Abbot Health and Fitness Expo at McCormick place this weekend. Have fun whatever you are doing, Passionistas! 


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