How to Blog like a Girl Boss

Let's be honest here, every one of us are busy creatures. Our demanding job(s), raising kids (all my praise to you badass mamas), and our social life gets in the way of achieving our goals. Yes. That's the brutal truth. We all have our daily 'excuses' which are stopping us from following our dreams. I currently work at 3 jobs (two of them are side gigs) and am a full time blogger. No, it does not pay well at first or even at all. It's been a slow but steady climb since I started a year and a half ago. The free stuff is always nice, but I am not here for that reason. If you want to get into blogging, start a business, or looking for some motivation how to tackle your everyday life demands, you are in the right place. Here are some tips I follow in my daily grind. These are not how to be a successful girl boss in an instant tips. These are real life grind tips that have worked for me.

1. Make a list

Write it out. Take time each evening to write out tasks for the next day in the order they should be tackled. I am a visual person, so I do it on a piece of paper. Why do you think there are so many eye-catching notebooks available everywhere? A girl boss uses her pen and paper all the time. Your smart phone works too if you are a tech savvy gal. There is no better feeling throughout the day than seeing those tasks being crossed out.  It will give you more motivation to keep checking off from that list as the day goes by. Even if you can't manage them all in one day, try not to sweat the small stuff. Instead, those unfinished tasks should be moved to the next day at the top of your list. Remember, tomorrow is a new day and stuff does happen. I say, roll with it.

2. Find an oasis

So you did your list. Great! Now you need to execute your bullet points. What better way then finding a perfect place to do that. It can be a cozy corner of your house, a cute desk or even a coffee shop. I encourage you to invest in a home office. It can consist of a simple desk with a comfy chair. Don't forget to accessorize it to meet your style. Whatever fuels your soul, put it on your desk. It can be pretty smelling candles, flowers, paper weights or picture frames. Hey, even create a vision board to help keep you stay on track. If you prefer working at a coffee shop, there are so many great choices, you can't go wrong. You won't have a problem finding the perfect coffee spot that has your vibe written all over it.

3. Get off the comparison wagon

Especially us women. Please don't deny this. We ALL have done this and still at times do! Now being in my early 30's I find myself laughing at the 20 something self. The insecurities back then almost became obsolete now. We shouldn't feel envious of what other women are doing. If anything we should be applauding, congratulating and supporting them in their successes. And if that is not a motivation enough to keep going and pressing on, than I don't know what is. We all have unique and special talents that nobody else has. Use them to your advantage. That is your main attribute. There is plenty of space for all bloggers out there, trust me, we won't run out of space on the internet. And if you are already at the top of the ladder, help those who are climbing it. There is nothing more beautiful seeing women lift each other up. That is the beauty of grace.

4. Follow your gut

Always. Doesn't matter what may come your way, trust your intuition. The gut will tell you if this new opportunity is right for you or if you should pass it up. I suggest you think twice about partnering with brands or taking up new opportunities. Yes, it may seem exciting and you are thankful that someone is noticing you and wants to give you free stuff. At the end of the day it comes down to, what this product - opportunity speak of your personal brand. As readers we don't know you, until we see what stuff you put out there. And it should always be of quality. Remember, you are trying to build an image and a reputation for yourself. Accepting a less of an offer for a free product may not be the way to go. If it fits your brand motto, great go for it! Build relationships, create engaging and informative content about the products you love, and most importantly about yourself. One day, it will be rewarded and you will become so good, brands will pay to work with you. Patience and persistence is the key.

5. Go back to your Why

If you still feel stuck with your blogging, or for some reason just can't shake off the overwhelming feeling which comes with having one. Go back to your Why. Why have you started it in the first place? What is your goal having a blog or a public platform, business? What do you want to achieve with it? Go back to your roots when your first started and how it felt back then. If you are not motivated enough to keep going, you need to re-check or re-write your why. I never imagined being a blogger, but it simply happened and it makes so much sense now. Everything that lead me to Style Your Passion had to have happened or I wouldn't be here. My goals are constantly changing, elevating to new levels. It started out as having an outlet where I could reach people and inspire them with my passion for fashion and running. I still want to spread that passion along with wanting to empower my readers to follow their dreams. This is my why. Passion trumps all obstacles.

I hope you found some inspiration for your continued hustle. It's not an easy journey. As long as we stick together, keeping it real and pushing forward, we are already half way to achieving our goals. Share in comments below what keeps you motivated.



Ps. Thank you to Jennifer Knuth of Vespertinepix for taking these beautiful photos.