Style Your Birthday


This outfit is a result of going shopping with my fashion savvy boyfriend. It was also one of my birthday outfits, yes one of them, because I had to have a few, right? In my vocabulary it's either go big or go home, let the celebrations last for at least a week. Every birthday for me is a way to reflect, look back on my accomplishments and failures, and plan for the future. Most of us may do that while we approach a new calendar year, but for me that time comes with my own new personal year. Getting older doesn't mean much to me, I'm still the same kid at heart, I still dream big, and I still believe in miracles. I may have gained a new grey hair or two, or a wrinkle, but those are just beautiful indications of how far i've come as an individual, how much I've been through and how I am still standing, stronger than ever, and eager to embrace my place in the future. 

It was my birthday weekend and I decided to get a new hair-do, new color, new haircut and a dress or two. I didn't expect to wear a short dress like this ever.... I'm not a fan of super short skin tight dresses, but when I tried this one on at Forever21, I knew I liked it. The reason I went with it, is not just because my boyfriend loved it, I just felt comfortable wearing it, even with the short length. What is great about it is that the sleeves are longer, and everything else is super covered up, except for that peekaboo on my back. I found it to be very unique and artistic and it reflected my personality. Also, I knew I would pair it up with black tights and killer stiletto booties (BP from Nordstrom). The other way I could wear this dress is with over the knee high boots over bare legs, but I would stick to a medium chunky heel to give it more of a casual look. If the dress you are wearing is super revealing or short, try covering up bare skin with tights or boots to help you achieve the right balance for the outfit. 

How about his plaid coat though? I got it in a size Medium from Forever21 to keep it boxy and roomy, not only for the oversize fashion craze which I love, but to leave some room for comfy sweaters underneath it for winter months ahead. And did I mention that it's super warm? That's extremely important for someone like me who is always, always cold and wants to just hibernate during long Chicago winter. I love how plaid dressed down this dress a tad, and adding a coke can purse made this outfit my own. I'm addicted to coke, especially from a can. It's a guilty pleasure of mine.

Happy November, Passionistas! Don't forget to style your passions. 


Style Your Passion