20 miles of bliss(ters)


The moment I've been dreading for a very long time finally came, and it came in the worst of moments, right after I arrived from my week long vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Traveling for 12 hours the day before my run didn't quite qualify as helpful, but I knew I couldn't just skip this run because of my unfortunate circumstances, or from simply getting lazy after vacationing. 

So I went out and just did it. The weather was perfect for running along Chicago lakefront, with temperatures in the high 60's.  In case you are not familiar with Chicago lakefront trail, it stretches for 27 blissful miles with breathtaking views. Mentally, my game was on. I always try to focus on the first half of my run. All I wanted to do was to reach 10 miles, then I knew it would be time to turn around. I kept the number 10 in mind, and not the overwheling 20, to simply keep my sanity and not panic. After I reached 10 miles, I immediately focused on adding another 10.  Around mile 15, a seam in my sock started to bother me. I was thinking, how could a $20 dollar pair of socks designed for long distance runners start to bug me? But they did. The last 3 miles I started to feel the overwheling amount of stress I'd put my body through, and I had to push through with everything I had in me. I finished my 20 miler in 3 hours and 16 min with a 9:49 pace. I stayed on a pretty good pace for most of it, 9:20 to 9:35 per mile, but then, as I approached the last few miles, I moved a lot slower than I wanted to.  I knew I was not a quitter, and I would crawl the rest of the way if I had to!

Running has taught me many valuable lessons in life. We all know the saying "you get out what you put into it". Well let me tell you, running is all about getting what you put into it. I apply that mantra in my everyday life now as well.

Two days later my blisters are healing, but I found two more! I have a sore muscle in my lower back which I'm treating with a heated pillow. I'm stretching and rolling out my legs....like a LOT! Now it's taper time, which in running lingo means no more long runs! Yay! I do have my 3rd half marathon coming up this Sunday (9.27.15). I need a lot of rest before I try to attempt setting some PR's. 

Also, I've almost reached my goal of raising $1,000 for Girls on the Run, the charity of my choice, which I'm representing at the Chicago Marathon. Donations are still accepted until October 3rd. Thank you for your generosity and all the support. 


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